Is Studying The Bible Necessary?

What Is The Bible?

It’s common to refer to the Bible as “the word of God,” which it is, but that simple descriptor doesn’t really do justice to what it really is. Some people have called it a love letter from God. This one could get some people riled up. Certainly, the Bible talks about God’s love, but is it really a love letter? In a sense, there are parts of the Bible that read like a love letter, and if one sees the entire Bible that way one likely views it in one of two ways:

  1. As God’s love letter to every individual believer; or
  2. As God’s love letter to His entire church.

An Overview of the Bible

The Bible is an incredible story with incredible content. Despite the rich diversity of human authors, as mentioned above, it tells a very interesting story of a divine Mind with superlative creativity and a wild imagination, not to mention a logistical intelligence beyond anything offered by mere mortals, individually or collectively. Its 66 books are divided into two testaments — an old and a new. The Old Testament contains 39 books and the New Testament contains 27. In a word, it’s the most unique piece of literature the world has ever seen.

  1. The future value as predictive literature; and
  2. The spiritual value as oracle of divine origin intended to convey an important message to specific intended recipients.

So What Does The Bible Have to Say?

The human tendency is to read the Bible through modern eyes. Some of the expressions are a bit strange to 21st century readers because the original audience were primitive peoples who did not have the benefit of modern science and technology.

  • The character and nature of God;
  • Who we (the human race) are in relation to God;
  • How we got here, and why we are here;
  • How the world got into its current state of disorder;
  • How we (again, the human race) ended up in such a state of cognitive and spiritual disarray;
  • God’s plan for getting His creation, including we mortals, back to its original pristine state in which it was created;
  • Why, and how, we must align ourselves with that plan, or suffer the consequences if we don’t;
  • What happens when we obey the Master, and when we don’t;
  • How the story ends.

What The Bible Isn’t

The Bible is not material to be excavated like some archaeological dig. It is much more than that. The man who thumbs through looking for facts to either discard or hold dear is no different than the man who seeks to obtain a date from the girl next door by digging a hole in her front yard. If you want to impress the beautiful thing that has your eye, you’ve got to knock on her door, express your interest in her, and woo her into sharing her deepest secrets with you. In other words, if you want to get to know her, you’ve got to spend time with her, listen to her talk, observe her in social situations, and learn who she is from the inside out. The same goes for God. If you want to know Him, and you can’t test Him until you do, you have to explore his heart, learn what makes Him tick, discover His greatest concerns, and “get inside Him” so to speak. The Bible helps us do that.



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