Is God ‘Testable’?

The Negative Side of Testing God

Deuteronomy 6:16 speaks of a different form of testing God.

If We Can’t Test God, What Can We Do?

The study of scripture sometimes involves reconciling apparent contradictions. In Malachi, God told the Israelites to test Him on the giving of tithes. In Deuteronomy, he told them not to test Him concerning his laws and ordinances. I cannot help but wonder, then, is God testable? Should we or should we not test God?

  1. What is belief in God, and why is it necessary for putting Him to the test?;
  2. The importance of studying God, and where He can be studied;
  3. Why aligning oneself with God’s purpose is paramount;
  4. And how to check for results.



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Allen Taylor

Allen Taylor

Allen Taylor is chief content officer at, an author and ghostwriter, and publisher at