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Every year around this time, I re-evaluate my business and decide how I want to proceed for the next year. Last year, as I was doing this, one of my clients asked me if I wanted to double my work load. I was hesitant at first because I wanted to pursue more white paper work and I knew I could make more money with white papers than I could with editing two publications. Of course, I like editing publications so that certainly was not a factor.

When my client said he was starting his new publication–Blockchain Times–and asked if I wanted to be the editor or if he should pick someone else, I did the most logical thing I knew to do. I accepted the position.

I do not regret that decision at all. It gave me full-time work, and I mean editing two publications took up almost my entire day. But the pay was adequate. And I didn’t get to pursue more white paper work. I did, however, learn a great deal about the blockchain industry, what’s going on with cryptocurrencies, and I joined Steemit in March of this year. That decision alone has been incredible as I have met many wonderful people and now have practical experience with blockchain and cryptocurrency. But I am ready for the next challenge.

What’s In Store for 2019?

Like stock markets, businesses wax and wane. There are peak periods and lulls. This year, following last year’s bull rally, turned out to be a bear run for crypto. As a result, Blockchain Times solidified a reputation as a respectable and consistent publisher of crypto content. However, it struggled with finding sponsors. That led to my client, in the last few months of the year, reducing the number of publications each week. That means, I’ve freed up some time to pursue other types of work.

But that is not the only thing that has changed around here. Before I get into the types of work Taylored Content will pursue in 2019, I want to make this important announcement:

Yes, we’ve decided to accept some of my favorite cryptocurrencies going into the new year. There will be some restrictions on this, however. First-time customers will have to pay in advance. No exceptions. My usual practice with fiat payments is pay-first, and it has been for years. Even longstanding clients, with a few exceptions, are invoiced before I begin work. On large projects like white papers and e-books, I take a portion up front and set project goals. When those goals are met, a percentage payment invoice is sent to the client. A similar process will be made for cryptocurrency payments, however, it is unlikely that I will take 100% of my pay on large projects from cryptocurrencies. Each project and each client will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Now, what kind of projects do I want to work on in 2019? Let’s take a look.

Are You My Ideal Client?

I’ll state right up front that I don’t work with just anyone. I’ve tried that. It didn’t work out so well. Online entrepreneurs are notorious for skipping out without payment or finagling cheap content with “pay-you-later” promises, Peter-to-Paul game plays, and other nefarious schemes. On the other hand, I’ve met some great people online who have stuck with me for many years. The reason I’m able to keep my clients long term is because I treat them right, under promise and over deliver, and have a stellar reputation as a content writer with expert-level skill that I put on the table at a fair price. I’m proud of that track record.

I like working with smart people with vision. People who know where they’re going usually know how to get there, and they arrive right on time. My ideal client is a leader in their niche. They aren’t some run-of-the-mill business person with a dream. Their peers look up to them as thought leaders, movers that shakers admire, and high achievers.

In terms of industries, or business niches, I have worked in many. Where I feel most comfortable and like to fly are those industries where smart people shine. These include:

  • The technology sector, broadly speaking
  • Financial technology in a more narrowly focused sense
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • The crowdfunding sector (equity crowdfunding, RECF, marketplace lending, etc.)
  • Real estate (I’ve been a real estate investor and have written for other investors as well as real state brokers. Prior to 2008, 50% of my business was in real estate. I currently write for Sharestates and have written for another popular RECF company’s blog in the past. I love real estate.)
  • The legal profession (I am a three-time winner of the prestigious Stephen H. Philbin Award for excellence in legal journalism, which is presented by the Dallas Bar Association annually. In the past, I’ve written for attorneys, and I’ve written for AVVOStories. I’d welcome that opportunity again.)
  • Publishing. As an author and editor of several books (one non-fiction and the rest in fiction and poetry), I love the publishing business. That includes traditional publishing and indie publishing.
  • Business Consultants. Consultants themselves are experts in their niches. That’s why they’re consultants. But being an authority and proving oneself an authority are two different things. Whether an independent consultant or a global consulting firm (which I’ve had the privilege of writing for), I can assist you in proving your authority with outstanding content.

So now that you know the kinds of clients I like working with and the business niches I love to write for, what kind of projects do I want to take on in 2019? I’m glad you asked.

Taylored Content Writing Project Goals for 2019

My specialty is authority content. In other words, content that positions a brand as an authority in the niche in which it operates. In layman’s terms, that means any type of content that is well-researched, well-written, and goes deep into the subject matter in order to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the issues impacting a niche, its market, and the companies and clients that seek each other out in that niche. This is the type of content no company should trust to just any writer. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to run with the best.

My writing skills are self-evident. I think they’ve proven themselves with a track record of 12 years of online writing. Since 2006, I’ve written more than 10,000 blog posts and edited more than 30,000. I’ve done my fair share of white papers and e-books, and I’ve even written a few case studies. I’ve also spent countless hours producing social media content for myself and for clients. I’ve also dabbled in landing page content, email content, and website content.

When you’ve spent as much time producing specific types of content, as I have, you learn where your talents shine. That’s why I’ve narrowed my focus to specific types of content that I enjoy writing and which I excel at. Those include informational writing that advances the perception of authority.

So in 2019, I’d like to get more the following types of work:

  • White papers — I love white papers because they allow me to dig into a subject, research it deeply, cite sources, and write an objective analysis of a particular topic that positions my client as an authority in their niche. Here’s an example of a white paper I wrote for a client.
  • Books and e-books — Books require a lot of work. It’s the type of work I love doing and at which I excel. Whether a client needs an e-book to give away as a free download on their website, they want to publish their book through traditional publishing channels or through self-publishing channels, or they simply need an editor to pull together all the sources and compile a good read from their own source material, I can take a book or e-book project from conception to completion like a pro. Here’s a sample e-book I edited for a client.
  • Long-form blog content — A blog post can also be a form of authority content, if it’s done right. That includes long-form posts that cover a specific topic well. Authority blog content is not short bursts of 300–500 words (not that there is anything wrong with these types of posts). Rather, they are usually 1,000+ words, and can often go well above 2,000 words, or stretch themselves to 5,000 words or more. In many cases, such blog posts are so long that they are written over a period of time rather than in simply one sitting. That can be for budgetary reasons or for more practical reasons. At the end of the day, authority blog content is top-tier blog content that is published on your blog and which you hope will achieve high search rankings and demonstrate your authority on a subject. Here’s an example of an authoritative blog post I wrote for a client.
  • Authority articles — Authority articles are a lot like authority blog content. The difference is you publish them in places other than your own blog. You might publish them on Medium, Huffington Post, LinkedIn, an industry news site, or a third-party blog that is owned by another party. Here’s an example of an authority article I had published on another writing website that targets freelance writers. And here’s another one I ghostwrote for a client on LinkedIn, the first of a 6-part series.
  • Publication editing — I’m not giving up on the editing side of the business. I love being an editor. Prior to starting my own freelance writing business in 2006, I was a newspaper editor for four years, and it was the best four years of my professional working life–until I started my writing business. Over the years, I’ve edited blog posts, articles, e-books, and publications. I have a keen eye for the written word in all its forms. If you have an existing publication or want to start one, I’d love to speak with you about being your editor. Here’s an example of a publication I currently edit for a client.

In addition to the above types of authority content, I’d like to attract some clients to my new venture at CryptoBloggers where I edit and oversee the blog production of other writers for subscription-based blog content in the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche.

Let’s Get Graphical

Another area of my business I’d like to develop more fully in 2019 is the graphic side of the business. Not only does Taylored Content do well at writing, editing, and publishing projects, but we have an excellent graphic artist who is quite adept at several forms of graphic art. Her name is Theresa, and she’s also my wife. That may make me biased.

Theresa shines with the following graphic art projects:

Theresa has been instrumental in my business in one way or another for many years. She has helped me manage projects, prepare graphics, format books and e-books, design websites, and many other tasks that I either don’t want to do myself or that she is much better at with her skills than I am with mine (which are legion). We make a great team.

So what should you do if you want to work with us on a project? There are two ways to contact me. You call me at 717–253–2306. I won’t answer on the ring. I get so many telemarketing calls that I’ve begun to screen them, but I always return legitimate phone calls as quickly as I can between meeting client deadlines.

The other way to reach me is by email. is a direct route to my inbox, and you are likely to get a much quicker response. But again, response times vary depending on deadlines.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and working with you. Happy New Year! May 2019 be prosperous for you no matter what niche you serve. I’m here to help see that it is.

Top-notch crypto content for your crypto/blockchain blog.

Allen Taylor is chief content officer at, an author and ghostwriter, and publisher at

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