Aligning Yourself With God’s Purpose

The First Step to Aligning Ourselves With God’s Purpose

Before we can align ourselves with God’s purpose, we must first understand what that purpose is. If you want to travel any distance-in space or time-you’ve got to know two things:

  1. God’s manifold wisdom is made known through the church
  2. And to the rulers and authorities in heavenly realms
  3. But is accomplished in Jesus Christ

How to Align Yourself With God’s Eternal Purpose

Jesus said,

How the Ekklésia Expresses God’s Manifold Wisdom

Aligning oneself with God’s purpose involves three regular activities that are not a requirement for salvation but that exhibit the fruit of one’s salvation. Another way of saying that is, once you have come to the cross and entered through the Door, which is Christ, into God’s kingdom, which is Christ and his church, you’ll begin to see a renewal of your mind and a transformation of your spirit. The evidence of this will be certain activities to which you will run, and to which you’ll look forward as often as you can enjoy them.

  • Study the Bible — The Bible is the most complete exposition into the mind of God that man has. It is not exhaustive, but it is comprehensive. It’s a story that unveils God’s plan from before the beginning (Genesis) to after the end (Revelation). A true student of God who wants to test God and reflect Christ will study the Bible as a means of knowing God more fully and more in-depthly.
  • Prayer — Prayer is a direct pipeline to the heart of God. It allows us to inquire of God, pursue God in the purest relational form, and, in a sense, understand God from the inside out. Just as you would converse with an old friend to learn that friend’s most ardent desires and deepest expressions, conversing with God allows you to gain a deeper understanding, a more personal understanding, of God’s deepest expressions. Members of the ekklésia love to pray to God, and it is through prayer that we often find ourselves to be out of alignment and in need of realignment.
  • Fellowship — We humans are fallible. God is not. And while it is God’s purpose for each of us to know Him personally and deeply, we often fail. For that reason, it’s important to fellowship regularly with other members of the ekklésia. This is necessary because all of us are at different points in the journey. Some are further along while others are just starting. Those on the path can encourage one another, teach one another, and help refine each other’s understanding throughout the journey. More importantly, God’s manifold wisdom is made known through the ekklésia collectively, not through church members individually.

Studying the Bible

The purpose for studying the Bible is to understand God’s ultimate purpose, His eternal purpose. It is not individual salvation.

Praying to God

There are parts of the Bible that you’ll find difficult to understand. Everyone bumps into it, sooner or later. In fact, you can study the Bible all your life and not completely understand all of it. Every time I read a passage, I come away with a different, and often better, understanding of something than I ever have before.

Fellowship With Other Believers

The Christian life is all about understanding who God is and what His plan for us is. He is perfect; we are not. Because we can often fall out of alignment, fail, stumble, go astray, or simply rebel, we need the disciplined influence of other believers in our lives to help us. God speaks to us through the Bible and through prayer, but He sometimes also speaks to us through others. In fact, He will often send us someone who can confirm what we think we are hearing in prayer or reading in scripture.



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